"Billiards is a path of passion that cares the soul." - Fred Fechter

Physical Fundamentals


"The body is the mind and the mind is the body, all of one."

... Thomas Hora


     In all arts, including the cueing arts, a champion's wisdom is still one of our greatest teachers and cherished asset. Students coming to CueSport Billiard Academy learn fundamentals, thoughts, words, and wisdom of the greatest World Champions ever to stroke a cue. Most everyone has overheard a highly skilled pool and billiard expert comment, "It's in the touch" or "I was seeing the shot." If you haven't, then by all means, attend a professional tournament and listen. What do the pro-players mean by these comments? Try asking them. Can they teach this?

     Every learning cueist attending CueSport Billiard Academy can quickly discover self-guided techniques, the transcendent bio-mechanic fundamentals of how to "see" and "feel" a shot, just as a professional player would. The student will learn that "seeing" the shot in time and space, incorporates the use of accurate aiming system skills that must be totally accepted and held without doubt. This is a huge step and one that most players will never envision. To feel "the touch" is to reach another level and beyond. What self-guided learning techniques have you applied towards "the touch" lately? The sensory awakening begins by attending CueSport Billiard Academy!



"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities,
but in the expert's there are few."

... Zen


     CueSport Instructors understand that many pool and billiard players will vary in style from one to another and some have become very skillful through much practice. Any style can be made to work, if practice time is not the issue.

     By 1955, CueSport founder Fred Fechter was most grateful to have discovered from several great World Champion cueists, the 'core' fundamental principles into proper strokes and styles that increases learning and skill ability with less practice. A few of these fundamentals include proper aligned approach to a balanced stance, professional style stabled bridges, and a fluid, level, straight, accelerated, measured, throwing motion of the cue. A clear understanding and application of these to each individual and other core fundamentals are essential for the novice player to immensely accelerate one's learning. Proper shot visualization skills and familiarity with our professional systems used for aiming, speed, banking, and cue ball control will also dramatically improve the performance of the novice player.

     At CueSport, we are gratefully blessed in being gifted, working full-time with players of all ages and abilities. Our beginners instruction provides a solid base foundation from which learning and skill ability can be built for a lifetime of enjoyment.



"Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power"

...Tao Te Ching


     In our own quest for cueing perfection on the journey from novice to expert, there are many directions and paths to take. Human nature is complex. Not everyone takes the same direction or learns in the same manner. Most instructional books, videos, and some schools or programs tend to lump both physical and mental dimensions into one learning and teaching style. This approach definitely has it's limitations. Awareness of this fact alone is a huge step in the right direction.

     Ask yourself, how long have I been practicing a mass learning and teaching style? Has my skill ability been constantly improving with practice? If the answer to your second question is "no," you may rule out the slump factor, for you are experiencing what is known in all advanced sports training as "hitting the brick wall." You definitely need to attend CueSport Billiard Academy for individual consultation, analysis, training and self-discovery. Previous students have all expressed mental enlightenment and skill improvement. You can not afford to be left out of your own individual progress and destiny.



"All problems are psychological, All solutions are spiritual"

... Hora


     As a sports professional of beginners mind, you will identify with the great Yogi Berra saying, "Baseball is like going to church, many attend but few understand." How can one explain this understanding and awareness? When competing with someone of comparable skill, or conversing with a professional from another sports arena, one occasionally experiences feeling a mutual respect and knowing awareness that is difficult to explain. This is the seed of mutual understanding and awareness common to all disciplines.

     CueSport believes that concentrated practice in one's search for the joy of true perfection will help create that state of knowing awareness so difficult to explain, yet you know it and feel it. The prophets tell us there seems to be two paths up the same mountain, "physical by mental" and "mental by physical." We must ask ourselves, upon which path, nor neither has our light been shining and leading us most? Is our light always on the path we want or need? How can we let our light glow brighter?

     A true teacher is only a guide to one finding his or her own true light. In search of pure perfection, one will experience the joy of heaven. Dan Millman, world champion sports professional and teacher once stated, "Masters of one art have mastered the inner principles of all arts because they have mastered themselves. We can train on different paths, but we climb the same mountain of self-mastery."



"An open mind is infinite."



     Hypnosis, biofeedback, guided visualization, sensory & kinesthetic awareness, pulse & muscular relaxation, hemispheric lateralization, reflexology, channeling, homeostasis, imagery, meditation, yoga, Sufism, Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, and Christ consciousness are just a few schools of practice found at CueSport Billiard Academy. Peak performance, "relaxed concentration", the "zone", "flow", "non-doing", satori, or "playing trance" can be learned in any motor skill.

     Everyone attending CueSport Billiard Academy has improved in their sport or disciplines.



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