"Billiards is a path of passion that cares the soul." - Fred Fechter




    For over 50 years, Fred Fechter among others has been abundantly blessed and owes its existence to numerous teachers, friends and students contributing in many ways. For many years, Fred Fechter among others realized billiards and all pool games are really a true sport. He was blessed in being inspired to invent a new word in 1963... 'CUESPORTS' ... to describe this knowing fact among many other professional players. With this new word, he founded CueSport International Instructors Association, Artistic CueSports, CueSport Charity Leagues, CueSport College and CueSport Billiard Academy.

    Nearly twenty years after World War II, the great sport of pool and billiards lacked organized competition. The pool world then was greatly obscured from public view in the dimly lit, exciting and noiseless poolrooms across America. From these poolrooms, it created it's own society of characters, language, ethics, rules, values and acceptance that molded a survival way of a blessed life. Fred's contributions during this time consisted of promoting World Class Open competition. Pool playing legends of yesterdays and of today played in these action-filled jamborees. Always a student of all sports and life, Fred credits his teachers, whom have included some of the greatest cueing legends and players of yesterday, such as "The Deacon, Bananas, Bear,  Brownman, The Greek, Hooknose, King James, Animal, and Sticks," to name a few. He also played a great early role in developing formal competition of enjoyment among the women and children pool players of America.



     Discovering the sport in 1947, beginning with a one-pocket contest, Fred started his livelihood in a pool career. By pursuing his passion, he became an accomplished professional player as his full time occupation. As the sole provider, he supported his family by his cueing talents for over 20 years. His highly skilled competition was abundant, for Peoria was a wide open gambling river town, and a rich haven for the many professional pool players it created and supported. From the "Roaring Twenties" through the "Hippie Sixties" Peoria was known as "Sin City". Today, it's reputation is better described as the "City of Angels". It was also in an era of time long before pool leagues, professional tours, pool instructors or professional player listings existed or was wanted. In later years, his tournament championships have included the Peoria "All-Around" Open in 1965, Illinois State 9-ball Open in 1979 and the Greater Peoria "14:1" Open in 1981.

By 1963, many cueists were seeking out Fred's understanding of pool and life. He credits his learning from great proven teachers in his early understanding of pool instruction. He is grateful in discovering many years ago, the lost art of pool instruction. By early world travel abroad, he found guidance by the greatest cueists and validated proven teachers that ever lived. These great teachers and world champion cueists abroad were virtually unknown by all American pool players... then and now. In 1955, he created and copyrighted a poster he titled "Champions Wisdom" to honor, preserve and illuminate the wisdom of these great lost artists of valid pool instructors. For over 50 years, many sincere seekers asking for guidance have been greatly helped in many individual ways by the "Champion's Wisdom's" principles of Fred's illuminating, proven and validated pool instruction. As a great-grandfather and guide to many individuals in the world, Fred is deeply grateful being a part to numerous champions. This includes many pool, billiard and artistic cuesport champions and teachers in every age, gender and ability since 1955.



     In 1983, Fred and others discovered and founded the discipline of "Artistic CueSports". It was developed and practiced as a non-competitive teaching/learning discipline to obtain self-awareness of right thinking. It is the core of all artistic cueing disciplines. Artistic cuesports goals and purpose are to instill, guide, transform and appreciate all artistic expressions of wholesome values found in what is real, valid and good.

     For over 20 years, the integration of artistic cuesports teaching/learning discipline into the mainstream of education has abundantly blessed many individuals. Artistic Cuesports has greatly helped in the creation of many professional talented cueing Champions in the world today.

     In 1992, the BCA (Billiard Congress of America) formally recognized Fred and others of their cueing/teaching talents. They were selected to provide credibility to a newly formed BCA Administrative designed pool instructional program. Administrators of the BCA Instructor Committee then nominated and elected Fred, themselves and others in 1994, as the first BCA Master Instructors in the world. CueSport College was nominated as a first BCA Master Billiard Academy. Fred Fechter and others did honorably represent, serve and fulfill their designated role and capacity, until he and many others of good hope resigned. In 2002, he resigned in good standing and with best wishes for the program.

     In 2006, the ACS (American CueSports Association) instituted a professional instructor/coach program. Many of the top CueSport teachers in the world today are members of this highly regarded program. Fred Fechter was asked at its inception to become a honorary Master instructor/coach in this program, which he did accept as an honorable retirement acclamation.