"Billiards is a path of passion that cares the soul." - Fred Fechter

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Arkadiy Loshakov, PhD - CueSport International Instructor

The great country of Russia employs Arkadiy as the Dean of Billiard Masters teaching his four year course of "Theory and Methodology of Billiards" at Russia's premier university located in Moscow. He is a professor at the "Academy of Physical Education"; a highly technical pool school for Olympic recognition and professional player training. He is the author of many billiard articles, text and books. A highly talented and dedicated pioneer for Olympic involvement and development in the field of cuesports worldwide.

Specialized Areas- Professional players for Olympic involvement.

Location - Moscow, Russia

E-Mail Arkadiy : aloshakov@cuesportinstructors.com



Fred Fechter - "The Teacher" CIIA Instructor / ACS Master Instructor

Certified "Awareness Program" Teacher for Professionals

Fred Fechter became a professional player to the full support of his family in the 50's & 60's "Pool Era" of his lifetime. For 60 years, Fred has enjoyed playing and/or teaching pool as his livelihood. In over 6 decades he has met, played and been guided by many World Champions. In 1963, he was the inspired founder of CueSport College, the first professional pool school in the world, known then and now. Fred was recognized by the Billiard Congress of America in 1992 for his cueing/teaching talents, experience, knowledge, leadership and achievements. The BCA elected him in 1994 as the first BCA Certified Master Instructor in the world to help establish recognition in the sports first industry sponsored program. He resigned in 2002 from that position. Fred accepted the honorary position of an ACS Master Instructor in 2006. Some of his tournament championships have included the 1965 Peoria All-Around Open, 1979 Illinois State 9 Ball Open and 1981 Greater Peoria 14:1 Open. Fred is now a very happy Great Grandfather enjoying a grateful and contented retirement.

Specialized Areas: Professional players, Precision Fundamentals, Escalated Skill Improvement, Mind, Body, Spirit Focus. Teacher of the "teaching sciences". Has helped to prepare over 100 fellow instructors in various teaching concepts. Many have commented, "Top notch instructor for the instructors".

Location - Peoria, IL

E-Mail Fred : Fred@cuesportbilliardacademy.com

Website : www.Fredfechter.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/OrderOfCueSports



Nick Varner - CueSport International Instructor & Hall of Fame Player

Nick Varner is definitely a leader in the sport of cuesports. He is highly respected and honored by most all of his peers. His understanding of cuesports and its world speaks volumes. Nick Varner was most greatly deserving to be honorably inducted into the 1992 BCA Hall of Fame and the One Pocket Hall of Fame in 2005. He is an 8 time World Champion in 4 different disciplines and over 80 professional championships that include numerous national titles. As a joyous new father and grandfather, Nick still competes with the best players in the world. Many have said, "Watch him and learn, he is the greatest of teachers".

Specialized Areas- Professional Player and Advanced Billiard Instruction.

Location - Owensboro, KY

E-Mail Nick : nvarner@cuesportinstructors.com



KJ Williams - CIIA Instructor / ACS Master Instructor

Accomplished player and certified instructor for any skill level. Has a deep passion for cuesports with much knowledge and many talents. KJ is involved in the ongoing growth and development of our Artistic CueSports youth program. An excellent instructor that has helped many players from beginner to professional.

Specialized Areas: Professional Billiard Instruction, Precision Fundamentals, Safety and Multiple Shot Strategies, Kicking, Banking, Jumping, Breaking Techniques, Accelerated Game Improvement and learning enhancement to having fun with a Winning approach.

Location - Peoria, IL

E-Mail KJ : kj@cuesportbilliardacademy.com

Website : www.cuesportbilliardacademy.com

Facebook : www.facebook.com/CueSportBilliardAcademy



Buddy Hall - CueSport International Instructor & Hall of Fame Player

Buddy Hall, "The Rifleman" has distinctly earned the recognition as being one of the greatest players of all time. His feats of cueing greatness echo yet in the hearts and lions dens of cueing legends. In over 30 years, his applied God-given talent and wisdom has earned him many of the richest 9-ball titles in the sport's history. He was honorably inducted into the Billiard Hall of Fame in the year 2000. His total fundamental solid consistent style has been a contributional learning tool to players and teachers world wide. Mr. Hall's instructional books/videos/products and personal instruction is available now to all "sincere-seekers" of truth and understanding.

Specialized Areas- Available for Exhibitions, Group Lessons or Private Billiard Lessons.

Location - Tampa, FL

E-Mail Buddy : bhall@cuesportinstructors.com



Roger Long - CueSport International Instructor & BCA Instructor

Roger Long brings a wealth of all-around knowledge and experience to the benefit of the sport as proprietor, retail manager, table mechanic, cue builder, tournament player, and professional pool instructor.  He is a monthly instructional columnist for The Arizona Billiard News and Billiard Table Talk.

Specialized Areas- Professionalism Training, Spiritual Mentoring.

Location - Glendale, AZ

E-Mail Roger : rlong@cuesportinstructors.com



Tom Ross - CueSport International Instructor

Teaching, training and coaching since 1978 with nearly four-thousand students in his background. Monthly instructional columnist for Billiards Digest and Cue Times Billiard News and featured regularly on the Absolute Sports World website and BcTV’s vZine. Coached the 2003 BCA Women’s Open Champion, Jackie Broadhurst.

Specialized Areas- Mechanics and Balance, Thought Management for Optimum Performance, Awareness of Each Person’s Individuality to Maximize Every Student’s Unique Learning Experience.

Location - Denver, CO

E-Mail Tom : tross@cuesportinstructors.com



Steven Campana - CueSport International Instructor

Author of Black Belt Billiards - A billiard training manual and working text to take to the table. Practitioner of the Martial Arts, A First-Degree Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, as well as a First-Degree Brown Belt in Shorei-Ryu Karate. Former BCA Certified Pool Instructor.

Specialized Areas- Stance and Alignment, Personal Improvement and Sports Psychology in pool and billiards.

Location - Davenport, IA

E-Mail Steve : scampana@cuesportinstructors.com



Joy Helton - CueSport International Instructor

Certified "Awareness Program" Teacher for Professionals

Joy has been an Inspirit Mental Guide Instructor and teacher to many professional players. She has been acknowledged as a great champion in both pool and life.
Joy has attended many pool schools consisting of many schools of thought in her search for right knowledge. Former BCA Advanced Certified Pool Instructor. 2006 BCA Player Member World Champion.

Specialized Areas
- Professional Players, Advanced Fundamentals, Mental and Spiritual Guide

Location - Peoria, IL

E-Mail Joy

Personal Website : www.joyhelton.com



Mark Wilson - CueSport International Instructor

Mark has been a top touring professional for many years, and is currently an instructional writer for Inside Pool Magazine. Receiving pool instruction in his early years as a player, Mark knows and advocates the importance instruction has for anyone wishing to become better. A winner of many prestigious titles, including the 1980 Illinois State 9-Ball Open Championships. Former BCA Advanced Certified Pool Instructor.

Specialized Areas- Professional Player and Advanced Billiard Instruction.

Location - Fairview Heights, IL

E-Mail Mark: mwilson@cuesportinstructors.com


Tom Rossman - "Dr. Cue " CueSport International Instructor

World renowned professional player, entertainer and pool instructor. His creative delivery guarantees an education while bringing a ear to ear smile to your heart!!! Author of "Rack up a Victory" - Foundation for Banking & Kicking Systems. 2002 ESPN Trick Shot Champion, 2002 WPA World Jump Shots Champion. For over 15 years, Tom Rossman has been a student, teacher and friend atCueSport College. Former BCA Advanced Certified Pool Instructor.

Specialized Areas: Diamond System, Banking\Kicking Systems, Jumpshot Techniques, Mechanical Fine Tuning\Corrective Remedies, Artisitic Pool with a "twist of humor".

Location - Cloverdale, IN

E-Mail Tom : trossman@cuesportinstructors.com


Bill Devoe - CueSport International Instructor & BCA Instructor

Retired teacher of his occupational trade, and now taking his instructional expertise to benefit all students of cuesports.

Specialized Areas
- Billiard Ethics, Basic Individual Fundamental Instruction to Youth and Senior Citizens.

- Moores Hill, IN

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Kevin Moore - CueSport International Instructor

Kevin has played and helped teach many great Champion players. Also an extremely talented player, that has proven his knowledge at the table.
Former BCA Advanced Certified Pool Instructor.

Specialized Areas
- Advanced Players, Satori Guide.

- Stark City, MO

E-Mail Kevin: kmoore@cuesportinstructors.com



Judex James - CueSport International Instructor

Described by professional tournament directors as "The Midwest's Best Kept Secret in Pool" as being of great talent!... and a true champion in both life and pool. Respected world-wide among the greatest of legends and considered one of the best all-around players of all games in pool and billiards. J.J. has been giving valuable lessons to all brave-hearts and sincere-seekers over many decades. Professional player as having ranked 11th on the World Senior Tour. A highly skilled player and instructor with victories over many world champion title holders. 9 time Greater Peoria "14:1" Open Champion.

Specialized Areas: Professional Players, Straight pool, 3-Cushion Billiards, 9-Ball, and an exemplary approach towards Winning.

Location - Peoria, IL

E-Mail Judex : jjames@cuesportinstructors.com


Greg Ridenour - CueSport International Instructor

A professional "bread -n- butter" winner of numerous pool tournaments, that have included winning the Arkansas State 14:1 Championship as well as both Missouri State 8 and 9 ball Championships.

Specialized Areas
- Professional Player, Advanced Billiard Instruction and Mental Mentoring.

- Crane, MO

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Steve Geller - CueSport International Instructor

National BCA Trickshot Champion in 1979 and 1980. Placed in the top 20 in the US Open 9-ball Championships in 1986.
Former BCA Advanced Certified Pool Instructor.

Specialized Areas
- Professional Player and Artistic CueSports.

- Minot, ND

E-Mail Steve: sgeller@cuesportinstructors.com



Brian Siems - CueSport International Instructor

Brian has been playing pool for over 20 years. He has played in local, regional, and national tournaments including the A.P.A. Nationals in 2001. Brian is a "teacher of teachers". Former BCA Advanced Certified Pool Instructor.

Specialized Areas: Advanced Billiard Instruction, Precision Fundamentals, Mental Mentoring, Game Preparation, Safety Play, Kicking and Banking.

Location - Peoria, IL

E-Mail Brian : bsiems@cuesportinstructors.com


Denny Stewart - CueSport International Instructor

Denny has been teaching pool for over 20 years, with hundreds of satisfied students.  Founder of Ohio Pool School in Milan, Ohio. Former BCA Certified Pool Instructor.

Specialized Areas
- Individuals --- Groups --- Clinics.

- Milan, OH

E-Mail Denny : dstewart@cuesportinstructors.com


Jack Koehler - CueSport International Instructor

Active player for over 40 years. Author of Upscale 9-ball, Upscale One Pocket and the Science of Pocket Billiards. Each book contains the result of over forty years of observation, participation and experimentation in the science of pool.

Specialized Areas
- Focus on Scientific Reasoning as opposed to Unverified Opinion for Explaining the Concepts of Pool. Scientific principals diagramed in layman's terms.

- Marinette, WI

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