"Billiards is a path of passion that cares the soul." - Fred Fechter

"Music of the Spheres" - Pythagoras

History and Development


     With passion in 1963, Fred Fechter had the vision in founding the first world wide accredited billiard academy in the discipline of cueing arts. Since that time, the academy has grown to include over one-hundred CueSport International Instructors and has been recognized as the first Olympic training center for the cueing arts in North America. In 1992, the academy was nominated and unanimously voted as a 1st Master Billiard Academy for the Billiard Congress of America. The academy was to evaluate, train, approve and upgrade all BCA Instructors and BCA Pool and Billiard Schools in their instructional program. For over 50 years, Fred Fechter has provided professional pool and billiard instruction to players of all abiliities that is internationally acknowledged.